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about me

Patrick Raats


About me

Iā€™m Patrick Raats and I live in Amsterdam. From an early age I have been telling stories with images. At first mainly with moving images, but in recent years also with still images. I have been working in the Dutch animation film industry for over 30 years. ‘Loeki de Leeuw’ is the most famous Dutch character that was and is brought to life by me. In addition, I have contributed mainly as a film director to a large number of animation productions (TV series and feature films).


In addition to my work as an animator and director, in recent years I have also been telling my stories with resin and bronze sculptures. Often in a combination of traditional craftsmanship with contemporary technological developments. My strength is to capture movement and a story in a single pose. A way of telling a story that is very much in line with my years of animation work.


Behavior of people, objects, characters and design are sources of inspiration. Looking with a different perspective often gives me ideas. I like contrasts: Clean lines with a raw edge. My work is mostly characterized by strong silhouettes and powerful poses. Often with a message and humor.

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